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Stress Relievers at Work Make for Happier Camper

November 12, 2014 Legal Team

You spend the majority of your week and your adult life at the office. When you spend so much time in one place, it is understandable that you are affected emotionally by the office. Employment can be an emotional roller coaster that leads to stress and anxiety.

So how can you manage your stress under control to make sure you don’t burn yourself out? Here are some helpful tips:

1)      Eating and Drinking Habits: Though you may not know it, the way you eat and what you drink affects stress levels throughout the day. For example, while alcohol may seem like a stress reliever for a short period of time, in the long run, it leads to higher levels of anxiety, much like nicotine. Additionally, low blood sugar leads to a feeling of anxiousness. So combine small but frequent meals and limit your alcohol intake. You may feel calmer at work.

2)      Let’s Get Physical: Especially in an office job, it is very difficult to find time to exercise or move around. Keep in mind, raising your heart rate by exercising has many good effects other than losing weight. By exercising for 30 minutes most days, you will increase energy, lift your mood, and heighten your sharpness at work.

3)      Give Yourself Time: Plan to leave the house 10-15 minutes early so you don’t have to run into the office. Starting your day with a frenzied race to your desk sets a stressful precedent for how the rest of your day may turn out. But if you have time to peacefully adjust to being at work in the mornings, it will relax the start of the day.

These tips and more can help establish a stress-free environment for you at work. It’s impossible to always be stress-free all the time, but cutting out some stress will go a long way for your mental health.

Source: The Help Guide