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Navy Captain “Relieved of Duty” for Hostile Work Environment

November 24, 2014 Legal Team

A San Diego based naval commander has been relieved of command from his amphibious assault ship. Captain Wayne Brown was let go from his leadership post after an investigation aboard the Boxer, the ship in question, revealed inappropriate behavior that constituted a hostile work environment.

Brown allegedly lost his temper many times while commanding the ship, especially to female subordinates. He asked them pervasive questions, like, whether or not they used birth control with their husbands or boyfriends. Brown also allegedly touched the female crewmembers without their consent and against their comfort.

According to the investigation, Brown repeatedly used foul language towards crew members, exhibiting particularly abusive behavior toward the female crew.

While cursing and foul language itself does not constitute a hostile work environment that can be pursued on legal grounds, sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment is unlawful. If these kinds of actions seem familiar from a supervisor at your job, please do not hesitate to contact an Aegis attorney.

Source: LA Times