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“Sex and the City”-Celebrity Sued for Attacking Bartender

May 6, 2014 Legal Team

Celebrity chef Pasquale Marino of famous Da Marino Ristorante has been slapped with quite the fine–$2.5 million. A New York jury awarded a former bartender with the restaurant the award after listening to heart-wrenching testimony about Marino’s constant and pervasive sexual remarks and attacks.

The harassment began when Tatiana Mironova, a Russian immigrant, began facing “corny pickup lines” from her boss, Marino, on a day to day basis. He began by saying that “he hated his wife and said, ‘I want other women. I can’t eat a burger every day. Sometimes I want pasta.’”

Quickly, the harassment became more extreme, and Marino was using a lot more than just his words. In May 2010, Marino allegedly trapped Miranova in the restaurant’s office, grabbed her breasts and rubbed them, then ejaculated on her back. He warned her that “you have no rights! You are an immigrant! Nobody will believe you anyway.” She broke free and fled.

After that incident, Marino order Miranova to deliver some of the restaurant’s cash to his Plaza apartment. When she arrived, he forcibly shoved her on to his balcony, forced her to the floor, and unzipped his pants. He also threatened to kill her. Miranova once again escaped.

The Manhattan DA dropped the criminal charges but the jury still found the chef liable in the civil suit for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and creating a hostile work environment.

Da Marino Ristorante is popular with “Sex and the City” star Chris Noth (“Mr. Big”) and “Extra” host, Mario Lopez.

Source: NY Post