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What Not to Do in a Deposition – Lessons by Bieber

March 13, 2014 Legal Team

In lawsuits, the people involved often have to answer questions by having their deposition taken. A deposition is a chance for the other party’s lawyer to ask questions that the law requires to be answered truthfully. Because the deposition and the answers given at the deposition are very important in a case, the person answering the questions should always take the deposition seriously.

Recently, however, Justin Bieber did the exact opposite. Bieber had his deposition taken in a case about one of his bodyguards hitting a paparazzo. Instead of taking his deposition seriously, Bieber was disrespectful, refused to answer some of the lawyer’s questions, and apparently pretended to fall asleep. Because of his bad choices at the deposition, Bieber came off as arrogant and, well, not that smart.

Watch clips from Bieber’s deposition below:

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