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You Stay Classy, San Diego

February 25, 2014 Legal Team

Throughout the end of 2013, the news was ablaze with the sexual indiscretions of San Diego mayor, Bob Filner. Now, almost three months into 2014, Mayor Filner is once more in the spotlight…by paying the cost.

The city of San Diego is paying out its second settlement for the former mayor’s indiscretions. Peggy Shannon, a 67-year-old great-grandmother, filed a formal suit against the former mayor for sexual harassment last August, alleging that Filner had made pervasive comments toward her and even forcibly kissed her. He would seek her out during her part-time shifts and consistently ask that she go out on dates with him. She grew more and more nervous and worried at Filner’s bold behavior, with some encounters ending in tears.

At one point, Filner’s serial sexual harassing tendencies led to the female staff confronting him about his behavior. They tried to put a stop to his inappropriate ways. Donna Frye, a former Filner supporter, took further action, by organizing a press conference during which she coined Filner as being a “serial sexual harasser.” The press conference got the ball rolling on a larger scale and by the following week, 18 women stepped forward against Filner.

Filner has since agreed to resign and never to take public office again. He has also been criminally charged with one count of false imprisonment and one count of sexual battery.