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The Price Is Wrong

June 19, 2013 Legal Team

A California judge says a case against “The Price Is Right” should go to trial. A former model for the game, Lanisha Cole, show is suing the show’s producers and production company for sexual harassment and wrongful constructive discharge. The trial judge has denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss and has scheduled a trial to begin May 21, 2013.

The plaintiff began appearing on the game show in 2003. She claims the alleged harassment started in December of 2009. At that time, she says one of the show’s producers stopped talking to her and began bestowing preferential treatment on another model with whom he was involved in a romantic relationship. She further claims that in September of 2010, a second producer burst into her dressing room while she was wearing only a pair of thong underwear and proceeded to reprimand her. Months later, Cole informed management she had to miss a day of work because of a family commitment and was told she would not be able to work for that week, the lawsuit says.

While called into a meeting about alleged sexual harassment involving another model, Cole complained about her own treatment. When she returned, she was told she was “holding the show hostage” because of her complaint.  She says the conduct made the work environment so intolerable that she was forced to resign.

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