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The Irony of an Employment Website Violating Labor Law

August 6, 2014 Legal Team

The U.S. Department of Labor has completed their investigation of employment social media site LinkedIn…and it’s not looking good for the company. LinkedIn, whose function is to connect employees with prospective employers, agreed to pay $6 million to its own employees.

According to the government investigation, LinkedIn failed to maintain proper payroll records for employees working in various branches throughout California, Illinois, Nebraska, and New York. The professional networking site purportedly encouraged employees to work off the clock and violated a number of other wage and hour codes, resulting in large quantities of back pay due to various employees.

A spokesman for LinkedIn assured the media that the company was taking all corrective measures for this issue. The employees affected would receive any and all wages owed to them. “LinkedIn has made every effort possible to ensure each impacted employee has been made whole,” the spokesman stated.

With these new precautions, LinkedIn will remind company managers that all overtime work should be compensated and no retaliation will meet those who complain about workplace problems.