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San Diego Work Injury Attorneys 

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. However, no matter how risky or safe a job is thought to be, the workplace should be as risk-free as possible. If you have sustained an injury that could have been prevented, contact a San Diego work injury attorney at Aegis Law.

Choose Aegis Law for Your Work Injury Lawyer in San Diego

  • Our firm was founded in 2003. Since then, we have gained valuable skills and experience and have become one of the top work injury law firms in San Diego.
  • Our successes speak volumes about the work that we do. Aegis Law is ready to negotiate on your behalf but is unafraid to go to court if it is necessary to obtain a fair resolution for you.
  • Concentrate on getting well, and let us focus on the deadlines, the uncomfortable communication, and the negotiations with your employer’s team.

Who is Responsible for an At-Work Injury?

If you are injured on the job, speak to a San Diego work injury lawyer about how to recover the damages you have sustained. Sometimes, liability is difficult to determine. Your lawyer can help you figure out who to turn to for compensation due to your on-the-job injury.

Some of the liable people or entities are as follows:

  • Your employer might be responsible for your injuries
  • If you were injured at a commercial property, the owner of that property could be at fault for your injuries.
  • At times, a manufacturer could be responsible for an injury at work. This occurs when equipment or parts are defective.
  • The responsibility for your injury may be the fault of a vendor or a service person on site.

You can recover compensation due to the harm that befell you at work if it was caused by the negligence of one of the parties listed above. To determine who is at fault, speak to one of the job injury lawyers with Aegis Law.

Why You Should Hire a Work Injury Lawyer

While most workplace accidents are fairly insignificant, they can sometimes be catastrophic. If another person or entity’s negligence caused your injury, then you could be owed compensation. Contact Aegis Law today so that we can help with the following:

  • Our talented team is ready to investigate your case and comb through the details to make sure that your injuries were the fault of another party. When we determine that you have a solid case, we will begin to create a strategy for presenting compelling evidence on your behalf.
  • We will ensure you are not tricked into settling for less than you are entitled to receive. Many times, an offer sounds promising, but after you review all of the damages you sustained, you realize it did not cover all of them. By having one of our skilled work injury lawyers look over the offer, we can ensure you do not settle for less than you should.
  • We are confident that we can present your work injury case in a compelling way so that it is evident that you are entitled to compensation. We will aggressively and tenaciously work to obtain a generous resolution for you.

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If you have been hurt on the job, the experienced attorneys with Aegis Law are ready to advocate tirelessly on your behalf. You are in good hands and can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the maximum benefits possible.