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Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are injured on the job, you may be tempted to simply shake it off and get back to your duties. However, any accident or injury must be reported so that you can claim workers’ compensation benefits. Without following all the steps for filing a claim, you could miss out on the crucial payments you deserve.

At Aegis Law, our Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys work with people just like you to successfully file their claims and receive benefits. The process can be confusing, and you may risk having your benefits denied without experienced guidance. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

Why Choose Aegis Law for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

  • We only handle employment-related cases, so we have a deep knowledge of labor laws and the workers’ compensation system
  • Our 99% success rate and over $300 million in settlements and jury awards speak for themselves
  • We focus on getting results for every case, putting your peace of mind and best interests first

How Workers’ Compensation Benefits You

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation oversees this insurance program for the Golden State. All employers, even if they have only one employee, are required to provide workers’ compensation to protect their workers. This allows you to get paid for your medical bills, partial wage replacement, and disability benefits without resorting to a time-consuming and expensive lawsuit.

Once your claim is approved, you will receive two-thirds of your regular wages while you cannot work. If you are injured but able to return to your duties, you will still receive coverage for your medical bills until you are fully recovered. If you are unable to work, whether temporarily or permanently, you can receive disability payments for a substantial amount of time.

Reporting Your Injury Is the First Step

The most important action to take if you are injured on the job is to report your injury right away. In California, you have up to 30 days, but sooner is definitely better. Ideally, write down an account of what happened so no details are lost. If you do not file within 30 days, you could lose your right to benefits.

After you are hurt, seek medical attention right away. This may be through first aid on the scene, or you may need to visit a doctor for treatment. It is essential to establish that your injuries are related to your work accident.

When your condition has been treated, file your claim for workers’ compensation. The form is relatively simple to complete, but it is easy to make mistakes or leave out information. This could delay the approval of your claim, which means a delay in your benefits. To avoid issues like this, consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure everything is handled correctly.

Contact the Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Aegis Law Today

Whether you have been slightly injured or suffered major trauma from an on-the-job accident, you are entitled to benefits from your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. Increase the chances of a successful claim by working with the Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys at Aegis Law.

We can advise you on every step of the process to help you receive your benefits quickly and without problems. If you experience a claim denial or delay, we can intervene and negotiate on your behalf. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.