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Sacramento Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Working in an environment where you face sexual harassment is unbearable. You may suffer mental or physical harm and fear for your safety. You may consider leaving your job, but In are worried about how you will pay your bills if you do. When you feel you have no one to help, turn to our Sacramento sexual harassment attorneys.

At Aegis Law, our team can guide you in seeking compensation and justice when your employer or coworkers have allowed sexual harassment to go unchecked. Although it can be frightening to speak up, you can trust that our lawyers will protect your rights and secure the outcome you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation today.

Why Choose Aegis Law for Your Sexual Harassment Case

  • We only handle employment law cases and specialize in managing sexual harassment claims.
  • We focus on protecting your peace of mind and privacy during your case.
  • We are proud of our 99% success rate, having won over $300 million in out-of-court settlements and jury awards.
  • We know you need someone to trust during this vulnerable time, and we value a solid attorney-client relationship above all else.

Sexual Harassment Defined

When someone makes unwelcome and inappropriate advances or requests of a sexual nature, that is sexual harassment. These actions are usually tied to some reward or threat of punishment at work (quid pro quo), although they may be used as a way of intimidating others. Regardless of what happens or why, the crucial factor is that the attention is unwanted.

This behavior could be verbal, physical, or visual. Jokes, signs, cartoons, gestures, facial expressions, and slurs can all be part of sexual harassment. These actions are illegal regardless of the gender of those involved. In addition to direct behaviors, managers and supervisors may foster a toxic work culture that allows these actions, forcing workers to go along with the situation or leave the company.

How Can You Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment?

As many as one in four women and one in five men have experienced sexual harassment, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Those on the receiving end of this behavior may feel shame, fear, confusion, worry, and panic concerning their ability to perform their duties and keep their job. It can feel like fighting back is too hard when you have already faced so much stress.

Instead of facing this dilemma alone, you can turn to a qualified Sacramento sexual harassment lawyer who understands the law and how to hold the liable parties accountable. We can pursue the individuals who committed these actions, as well as your employer, who allowed it to happen.

Damages You Could Recover in a Sexual Harassment Case

Because the effects of sexual harassment are so pervasive in your life, you can experience both economic and non-economic damage. You may lose income, but your pain and suffering also deserve compensation. Some common damages our clients secure in their cases include financial relief for:

  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Emotional distress
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of promotions, bonuses, premium projects, or other job benefits
  • Lost earning potential
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Mental health therapy
  • Physical injuries
  • Reinstatement of job position or rank

Even if the harassment has lasted many years, you deserve compensation for all your past, present, and future expenses related to this illegal treatment. Overcoming physical and emotional injuries can take a long time, and you must have appropriate restitution to recover fully.

Speak With Our Sacramento Sexual Harassment Attorneys Now

You do not have to face sexual harassment alone. Our team of skilled and compassionate lawyers is ready to listen to your story and protect you against wrongdoers. At Aegis Law, we believe in aiding those most affected by labor issues and bringing those responsible to justice.

Trust our Sacramento sexual harassment attorneys to treat your case with the sensitivity and diligence it deserves. Speak with us during a free consultation today.