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Orange County Executive Representation Lawyer

The executive leadership team at a company can receive many great perks due to their role in leading the firm. However, the dark secret of being in a company’s executive leadership is that many executives are overworked, underpaid, and generally taken advantage of. 

So, if this describes what you or a loved one are facing, just know the executive representation team at Aegis Law is here to help you. 

Since 2003, Aegis has been one of Orange County’s top executive representation and workplace lawyers. Partners Kashif Haque and Samuel A. Wong have championed the rights of deserving executives and successfully concluded hundreds of cases. 

Here’s just a list of some of the prolific results we’ve won for California victims throughout our firm’s history:

  • $852 Million Settlement
  • $617.6 Million Settlement
  • $490 Million Settlement
  • $100 Million Settlement

So, if you’re interested in working with the firm described by real clients as a “top-notch firm with excellent attorneys,” book a free, no-obligation case review and consultation. We guarantee that we’ll never charge you anything unless we successfully conclude your case. 

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Orange County Executive Representation Lawyer

Why Pick Aegis For Executive Representation Cases

Happy clients rate us five stars on Google for a reason. Here’s why we’re Orange County’s preferred choice for executive representation:

  • We deeply understand the statutes that impact executive representation and workplace discrimination cases.
  • We get results in executive representation cases and aren’t afraid to take your case to court to get the compensation you are owed. 
  • We offer compassionate advice and an open-door policy for all of our clients suffering from workplace discrimination, retaliation, and underpayment cases. 

Don’t try to take on your employer alone – an experienced executive representation lawyer like those at Aegis Law can level the playing field and ensure your rights are protected. Our lawyers’ guidance can make all the difference in achieving a favorable outcome.

How Can An Executive Representation Lawyer Help Me?

An executive representation lawyer can be a powerful ally when navigating complex workplace disputes. Below is how an executive representation lawyer can help you with your potential workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, underpayment, or backpay case:

  • Gather critical evidence, such as photos, pay stubs, and documentation, to build a compelling case on your behalf. 
  • Negotiate with your employer or work with their legal team. Working with an Orange County executive representation lawyer means you stand a much stronger chance of recovering unpaid wages or addressing issues like retaliation.
  • Help you file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). If, upon investigating your case, the DFEH finds your workplace to be liable, they will likely issue you a right-to-sue notice, which your lawyer can use to bring a case like this on your behalf. 
  • Listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and be a trusted guide throughout your extensive legal process. 
  • Understand the statute of limitations governing your workplace discrimination or unpaid wages case, typically three years from the date the complaint was filed with the labor commissioner,  as dictated by the Stop Harassment and Reporting Extension (SHARE) Act. 

What Types Of Cases Can An Orange County Executive Representation Attorney Work On? 

Before hiring an executive representation lawyer, it’s important to know the areas in which they can assist. Below, we’ll explore the details of each type of case. 

Retaliation Against Orange County Executives

An executive representation attorney can advocate for executives who have faced retaliation in the workplace, whether it’s due to whistleblowing, exercising their legal rights, or other protected activities. They work to protect the rights and interests of their clients and seek remedies for any unlawful retaliation they’ve experienced.

For Orange County executives, retaliation can happen because of many circumstances, such as the following:

  • Whistleblower Retaliation
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Retaliation
  • FMLA Retaliation
  • Medical Leave Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination

The California Labor Code, as well as federal law, protects workers from retaliation. 

Wrongful Termination Cases

When executives are wrongfully terminated, an executive representation attorney can provide legal representation to challenge the termination. They investigate the circumstances surrounding the termination, including potential violations of employment contracts, discrimination, retaliation, or other unlawful practices, and seek remedies such as reinstatement, back pay, and damages.

Unpaid Wages Cases 

In cases where executives have not received their rightful compensation, an executive representation attorney can help pursue unpaid wage claims. They navigate complex wage and hour laws to ensure their clients receive the wages they are owed, including unpaid salaries, bonuses, commissions, and other forms of compensation.

The California Labor Code has extensive protections for Orange County executives trying to receive wages rightfully owed to them.

Here are the types of unpaid wage cases an Orange County executive representation lawyer can help with:

  • Disability Benefits
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Commission Pay
  • Overtime Pay
  • Standby Pay
  • Breach of Contract
  • Independent Contractor Misclassification

Workplace Discrimination or Harassment Cases

Executive representation attorneys assist executives who have experienced workplace discrimination or harassment based on protected characteristics such as race, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. They work to hold employers accountable for discriminatory or harassing behavior, seeking justice and compensation for their clients while advocating for a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

Workplace discrimination of executives can fall under the following categories: 

  • Race Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Marital Status Discrimination 
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • Hiring Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Workplace harassment of executives may be motivated by bias towards any of the above-protected classes or may be independent of them. Here are examples of different types of harassment an executive may experience on the job: 

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Hostile Workplace

Aegis Law Is Orange County’s Preferred Executive Representation Lawyer

Executives already have many things on their plate throughout their workday. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is workplace discrimination or unpaid wage cases. 

That’s why you leave this entire process to our Orange County employment law attorneys at Aegis Law. Call us at (949) 822-9220 to book your case review or schedule it online today!