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Long Beach Work Injury Lawyer

When you have been hurt in a work-related incident, you may wonder what your next step is. You need experienced legal guidance to understand insurance claims and other systems while you recover.

At Aegis Law, our Long Beach work injury attorneys will listen to your story and explain your options. We offer free case evaluations to customize a legal strategy for your unique circumstances. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Aegis Law for Your Long Beach Work Injury Case

Aegis Law works hard for those who have been injured on the job. We hold employers accountable for negligence or wrongdoing. We help your case by:

  • Protecting your rights throughout the process
  • Communicating with insurance representatives
  • Gathering evidence to support your claim
  • Presenting persuasive arguments to obtain maximum compensation

Our lawyers are well-respected litigators with impressive success rates, securing over $300 million in settlements and jury awards for our clients.

Compensation Options After a Work Injury in Long Beach

It is critical to establish a connection between your injury and a work-related cause in case it becomes more severe. Follow these steps to ensure your rights are protected:

  • Report your injury within 30 days, or as soon as possible
  • Seek medical care immediately
  • Keep all follow-up appointments

You have two main avenues for seeking compensation for your injuries:

Worker’s Compensation

California law requires that all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees. This coverage pays for your medical care and partial wages while you are out of work. It also provides support if you are permanently disabled and pays survivor benefits to your family if you die.

Our worker’s compensation attorneys can ensure your application is filed correctly and on time and negotiate with the insurance company for you.

Third-Party Lawsuits

In situations where a third party hurt you, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit to recover compensation. Contractors, vendors, visitors, and other parties can cause or contribute to a work-related injury and be held accountable for your damages.

A skilled attorney can investigate to determine who is liable and demonstrate how they were negligent. Your lawyer can clarify your options during your initial consultation.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Work Injury, Without Retaliation

When you are hurt at work and cannot do your job, even for a little while, you are likely afraid of the bills piling up while you are recovering. Workers’ compensation or a lawsuit can address those concerns. However, you may worry that your employer will retaliate against you because you filed for workers’ compensation.

In California, it is illegal for companies to take revenge by cutting your hours, firing you, or doing anything intended to punish you for using the coverage you deserve. This is when the skilled work injury attorneys of Aegis Law in Long Beach, CA, can fight for you. We hold big companies accountable for their actions against their employees, ensuring you do not have to face them alone.

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The process of filing a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit after you have been hurt in a work-related accident can be overwhelming. You need to concentrate on getting better, and you want the strongest advocate in your corner to ensure you get the benefits and compensation you deserve.

Aegis Law should be your first choice for legal representation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Long Beach work injury attorneys today.