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“Lay-off” vs. “Terminated” vs. “At-Will”

difference between laid off and fired

In day to day language, many of these terms can be used interchangeably. Normally, being “laid off” or being “terminated” or being “fired” mean the same thing. In the realm of the law, however, these terms are specifically defined to mean different things. The differences are subtle and nuanced, but different nonetheless. Continue reading ““Lay-off” vs. “Terminated” vs. “At-Will””

What Are the Wrongful Termination Laws in California?

Wrongful Termination Laws

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer-employee relationship is ended by an employer who violates an employee’s legal rights. According to California law, such a situation may arise when an employer breaches a state or federal law, general principles of public policy, the employee’s contract or some other element of the law. Continue reading “What Are the Wrongful Termination Laws in California?”

Walmart whistleblower to receive $31.2mil settlement for wrongful termination

A New Hampshire woman by the name of Maureen McPadden was terminated from Walmart in 2012 – after 18 years of service to the retail mogul. You may be wondering, what could someone do to warrant termination after so many years with a company? Well, McPadden was terminated for (and here’s where it gets interesting) losing her pharmacy key…according to her former employers. Continue reading “Walmart whistleblower to receive $31.2mil settlement for wrongful termination”