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Generally, unless there is a contractual agreement regarding a person’s term of employment, an employer can terminate an employer at any time, for any reason. Like many other states in the United States, California is an at-will employment state. This means that in an employer-employee relationship, either party can terminate the relationship without having to give a reason. However, if an employee is terminated for an unlawful reason, they may be entitled to compensation for any damages they suffer. To find out more about how California law protects you from an unlawful termination, contact Aegis Law Firm.

Types of Wrongful Terminations

Although employers are free to terminate their employees at any time, for any reason, there are some terminations that are unlawful. When an employer fires an employee for an unlawful reason, it is a wrongful termination. Generally, wrongful terminations fall into these categories:

Breach of Contract

Although employment contracts in California are generally “at-will” contracts, some employer-employee relationships are based on contractual agreements that specify the term of the employment. In such cases, an employer must respect the terms of the contract and may only terminate the employment before the expiration of the contractual terms if there is good cause to do so. An employer will have good cause to terminate an employee under certain circumstances, such as the employee’s continued failure to perform their duty or a breach of duty. If you have been terminated before the expiration of the term of your employment contract, you should speak with a wrongful termination attorney in Irvine who can review the terms of your contract and assess your case for possible breach of contract.


Federal and state laws protect employees in protected classes from being treated unfairly because of their status. If an employer fires an employee for a discriminatory reason, there may be grounds for a wrongful termination suit. Protected classes include persons with protected characteristics such as age (40 or over), race, gender, disability, or medical condition. If you are a member of a protected class and your employment was terminated for that reason, you need to speak with an Irvine employment law lawyer about your rights and legal options.

Violation of Public Policy

There are certain acts in the workplace that are in violation of public policy. For example, fraud or noncompliance with health and safety regulations are violations of public policy. Employees are not bound to follow the unlawful directions of their employers, and are protected from retaliation against taking action to report an employer’s violation of the law. If an employee is fired because they refused to act unlawfully, or reported their employer’s violation of the law, they may have grounds for a wrongful termination case based on violation of public policy.

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