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Anaheim Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you need an experienced team to help you seek justice for sexual harassment, the team of Anaheim sexual harassment lawyers at Aegis Law Firm can help you. We offer free consultations and you do not have to worry about fees unless we win. To schedule a free consultation and assessment of your case, call us today at (949) 379-6250.

Unwanted sexual attention can be uncomfortable at work, but sexual conduct that is sufficiently severe or pervasive such that it creates a hostile work environment for the victim is a violation of California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may be entitled to damages for the harm you suffered. Federal and California state laws protect employees who have been harmed by unlawful sexual harassment at work. For more information about how the protects you and what actions you can take to resolve your sexual harassment case, call Aegis Law Firm today at (949) 379-6250.

How Can a Anaheim Sexual Harassment Lawyer from Aegis Law Firm Help?

  • Aegis Law Firm is an employment law firm helping workers across the Los Angeles and Orange County areas who have been wronged by their employers.
  • For almost 20 years we have been helping real people get the compensation they deserve for the harm they suffered as a result of labor law violations.
  • Our 99% success rate shows that our experienced and trial-tested advocates fight to win. We will fight for you to get the best resolution in your case.
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What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment violates both federal and California state laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and California’s FEHA both provide protections against any for of sexual discrimination including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment refers to unwanted sexual advances, or physical, verbal, or visual conduct of a sexual nature that create a hostile, offensive, or intimidating work environment.

When the such harassment is based on an employee’s sex or sexual orientation, the victim may have a valid claim for workplace sexual harassment. The offensive conduct does not have to be motivated by sexual desire for it to be legally actionable, it is enough that the offensive conduct is based on the victim’s actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions. It does not matter to a claim if the harasser is of the same gender as the victim.

What You Can Do if You are a Victim of Workplace Sexual Harassment

If you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you do not have to let it continue. You have rights. The first step is to take action as soon as possible. If your employer has a sexual harassment policy, you should make a report of your harassment following the policy’s procedures. As much as possible document every incident of harassment by noting dates, times, actions, and the people involved in the harassment.

If after reporting your harassment according to your employer’s policy, the conduct continues, and your employer fails to take reasonable steps to address the situation, then it is time to speak with an employment law attorney in Anaheim.

How Can a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help?

A sexual harassment lawyer can help you understand your rights and advise you on the types of documentation you need to prove your case. An Anaheim sexual harassment attorney can also assess your case and ensure that you make a claim for all the damages that you are entitled to under the law. Your employer will have the power of their legal counsel behind them, and so should you. Aegis Law Firm can represent you and protect your interests in a case against your employer. We offer free consultations so call us today at (949) 379-6250 to make an appointment. Spanish-speaking services are also available.