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If you have been a victim of workplace harassment, which created a hostile work environment you might be entitled to compensation for damages you suffered. Call the Los Angeles hostile workplace attorneys at Aegis Law Firm for more information about your rights and how we can help you.

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What is the Legal Definition of a Hostile Workplace?

Are you in a situation where the thought of going to work terrifies you? If so, you might be in a hostile workplace. The law protects you from harassment in the workplace, which creates a hostile environment. Workplace harassment can result in not just monetary damages to an employee, but can cause emotional stress and other mental health disorders. Every worker deserves to discharge their duties in a work environment that is free of stress and victimization.

There is a legal definition for a hostile workplace. It is not enough for an employee to feel discomfort in the workplace. In order to bring a claim for damages related to harm suffered in a hostile workplace, the related conduct must meet the legal definition of a hostile workplace. California law defines a hostile workplace as harassment of an employee that results in a work environment that is hostile, offensive, intimidating, abusive, or oppressive.

What Damages Can You Get From a Hostile Workplace Claim?

You may be able to receive monetary compensation for a hostile workplace claim. The type and amount of damages you can recover will depend on the harm you suffered. You may be able to recover compensation for damages in the form of pain and suffering, emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation. You may also be able to recover damages for lost wages and benefits, as well as punitive damages if the employer’s conduct was egregious.

How to Establish a Hostile Workplace Claim

An hostile workplace results from harassment that changes the work environment in a manner that affects an employee and causes them harm. To be successful in a hostile workplace claim, an employee must prove the factual elements of their claim:

  • That plaintiff was an employee, contractor, intern, or volunteer with the defendant employer;
  • That the plaintiff was subject to harassing conduct because they were a member of a protected class of persons because of their age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or other protected status;
  • That the harassing conduct was severe or pervasive;
  • That a reasonable person in the plaintiff’s circumstances would have considered the work environment to be hostile, intimidating, offensive, oppressive, or abusive;
  • That the plaintiff, indeed, found the work environment to be hostile, intimidating, offensive, oppressive, or abusive;
  • That unlawful conduct such as sexual harassment took place, a supervisor employed by the defendant engaged in unlawful conduct; or that the defendant or their supervisors knew of the unlawful conduct and failed to take immediate and appropriate corrective action;
  • That the plaintiff was harmed; and
  • That the unlawful conduct was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s harm.

The harassing conduct must be severe and pervasive to rise to a level that creates a hostile environment. That means that conduct that is occasional, isolated, sporadic, or trivial will not be sufficient to make a claim. However, there might be isolated incidents that may be severe enough to cause a hostile workplace. If you have experienced or are experiencing harassment and you are not sure what your legal position is, you should speak with a hostile workplace attorney in Los Angeles who can assess your case and talk to you about your legal options.

Examples of Conduct that May Constitute Harassment

There are different kinds of conduct that may constitute harassment. These include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Unwanted touching
  • Assault
  • Offensive posters, objects, cartoons, or derogatory drawings
  • Obscene language, slurs, or demeaning comments
  • Verbal insults
  • Threats

While one-off occurrences of these types of behavior may constitute harassment, the harassment must be severe and pervasive to create a hostile workplace. Whether harassing behavior is severe and pervasive will depend on the particular facts of the case and other factors including:

  • The nature of the conduct
  • How often, and over what period of time, the conduct occurred
  • The circumstances under which the conduct occurred
  • Whether the conduct was physically threatening or humiliating

All the employee must prove is that a reasonable person who experienced the same harassing conduct would find that it affected their work conditions and work performance in the same way.

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If you feel that you are suffering in a hostile workplace, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Your employer may have workplace policies regarding harassment. However, you should always start by putting a co-worker or employer on notice that you are uncomfortable with their behavior. If the behavior persists, you should make a report to your supervisor or other authority following the guidelines in your workplace policies. It is important to document incidents or harassing conduct and keep good records.

If your employer fails to take action to remedy the situation, and hostility escalates, then it is time to speak with an experienced Los Angeles hostile workplace lawyer. Call the passionate and experienced hostile workplace lawyers at Aegis Law Firm. Your initial consultation is free and if we take your case, you pay no fees unless we win. Call us today at (949) 379-6250 to schedule your appointment.