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If your employer is paying less than the legal minimum wage, failing to pay for all the hours you worked, refusing to pay wages as promised, or failing to pay for overtime hours worked, your employer may be violating your wage and hour rights. For more information about your rights and entitlements under wage and hour laws, you should speak with an experienced Irvine wage and hour lawyer who can help you. Aegis Law Firm can help you.

  • Aegis Law Firm is a team of employment law attorneys fighting for workers who have been wronged by their employers.
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If you are being cheated by your employer in violation of California wage and hour laws, Aegis Law Firm can help you recover all that is due to you. We offer free consultations and you pay no fees unless we win. For a free assessment of your case, call us now at (949) 379-6250 to schedule an appointment with one of our Irvine wage and hour law attorneys.

Violations of Wage and Hour Laws

California wage and hour laws make the state one of the most worker-friendly states in the United States. California currently has the highest minimum wage in the country and is among the top five states where salaries have steadily increased over the past decade. Some of the most common ways that employers violate California wage and hour laws include:

  • Non-payment of minimum wage
  • Non-payment of overtime
  • Non-payment of business expenses
  • Failure to provide breaks, rest, or meal periods
  • Misclassification of employees

What is Misclassification of Employees?

Classifying a worker as an employee comes with certain legal obligations for the employer to provide benefits and protections. To avoid the expense of meeting the legal obligations of having an employee, some employers misclassify their employees as independent contractors. Employers are not obligated to comply with wage and hour laws like minimum wage or overtime, providing rest breaks, or paid sick days for independent contractors. Independent contractors also do not qualify for other benefits like workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job. Misclassification of employees is a form of fraud and if you are being misclassified by your employer, you should speak to a wage and hour law attorney about your rights in Irvine, California.

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If you are being paid an hourly wage, you expect to get paid every cent that is due to you when it is due. When employers fail to pay their employees what they are owed by law, it is known as wage theft. Minimum wage laws and hour laws are intended to protect the most vulnerable workers in the labor force. In addition to the federal minimum wage regulations, states can also set their own minimum wage regulations. The government has a policy reason for setting the minimum wage for workers. If workers cannot earn a living wage, they are forced to rely on public assistance, which is costly for the government and taxpayers.

If you have been subjected to wage and hour law violations by your employer, we can help you file a claim to get compensation for your unpaid wages, overtime, and other benefits. You need the experience of the wage and hour law team at Aegis Law Firm to help you fight for your legal rights and get a resolution in your best interest. Call us at (949) 379-6250 for a free assessment of your case. We also have Spanish-speaking services, so make the call and schedule your appointment today.