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San Bernardino Discrimination Attorneys

While employers should never discriminate against their employees, sadly, it happens daily in the San Bernardino area. If you believe you have been discriminated against by your employer, we can help you determine whether you have a case, and we can help you to fight against the unfair treatment.

The legal professionals at Aegis Law are intent on protecting your rights. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Employer Discrimination is a Federal and State Violation

When an employer acts discriminatorily against their employees, they are in violation of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and should be held accountable. There are various ways that employees have to deal with discrimination, and several are listed below:

  • Unjust treatment because of the employee’s age, gender, race, color, religion, sexual preference, or nationality
  • Workplace harassment that is sexual, ageist, or ableist in nature
  • When workplace accommodations are requested but denied so that an employer cannot safely practice their religion or work around their disability temporary or permanent
  • Questions that should not be asked about the genetics or medical information of the employee
  • When retaliation occurs if an employee calls out their employer for discrimination

If you are experiencing workplace discrimination, contact Aegis Law. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are treated fairly.

California residents have additional protection from the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). This law provides those employed in the state with a defense against workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation for calling out discrimination or harassment. FEHA applies to businesses that employ at least five full or part-time workers.

The FEHA recognizes an employer as one or more individuals, companies, corporations, or partnerships. The FEHA applies to public and private employers as well as labor organizations, training programs for apprentices, licensing boards, and employment agencies.

The Pursuit of Justice

Workplace discrimination should be sought immediately. If you are pursuing justice, Aegis Law can help. Look to our results to fully understand the kind of services we deliver. Discrimination on the job is unlikely to go away. To effectively end it, you will probably need legal intervention.

San Bernardino employer discrimination attorneys can assist you in filing a suit. One of our employment discrimination attorneys will meet with you, review the details of your case and determine its legal merit. We are here every step of the way and are ready to help you when navigating the legal process.

Initiating a San Bernardino Employer Discrimination Lawsuit

If you are being discriminated against at work, file an employment discrimination lawsuit as soon as possible. Listed below are the suggested steps for pursuing a lawsuit:

  • Contact the EEOC when filing a formal complaint against your employer. The EEOC will contact your employer about the details of your complaint.
  • Your employer may try to settle your claim at this point, or they may request a mediator to help settle your claim.
  • If a settlement is not reached, you have 60 days from contacting the EEOC about your discrimination complaint to file a suit seeking damages.
  • Discuss with your attorney the damages you sustained, economic and non-economic, so that you can seek fair compensation.
  • With an Aegis Law employer discrimination attorney in San Bernardino by your side, present your evidence to the court. Our attorneys understand how to help you navigate the legal process so that justice prevails.

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If you are being discriminated against or have experienced workplace discrimination, the San Bernardino employer discrimination lawyers at Aegis Law are ready to help. We will review your case, collect evidence, protect your rights and ensure you understand all of the options available.

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