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Fresno Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Being injured on the job can be upsetting, but when you file a workers’ compensation claim, you have access to benefits and support provided by your employer. However, the process can be frustrating when you are hurt and trying to focus on recovering. It does not have to be when you seek experienced legal assistance.

At Aegis Law, our Fresno workers’ compensation attorneys can make the process much easier. No matter how complicated your situation is, our skilled employment lawyers can guide you through filing your claim and appealing a denial. Contact us for a free case evaluation to learn more.

How Aegis Law Can Help Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

  • We only handle employment and labor law cases, specializing in cases like yours.
  • We put your interests first and stand firm by your side against insurance companies who try to take advantage of you.
  • We are extremely familiar with the process of filing, securing, and appealing workers’ comp claims, and we put that knowledge to work for you.
  • Our team has obtained more than $300 million in settlements and jury awards for our clients, with a 99% success rate.

The Basics of California Workers’ Compensation

Every employer in California is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their workers, even if they only have one employee. The program is overseen by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, and benefits include:

  • Partial wages while you are out of work, at two-thirds of your usual pay
  • Payment for medical treatment
  • Temporary disability benefits while you heal
  • Permanent disability benefits if you can no longer work
  • Death benefits to your survivors if you die from your injury

When you are injured or become ill from a work-related incident, you must notify your manager or supervisor, ideally in writing, within 30 days. If you miss this deadline, you could lose your right to claim workers’ compensation benefits. You should also seek medical care immediately to establish that your condition is connected to your work.

Once your injury or illness has been confirmed as job-related, you can begin to receive benefits. However, the approval process can be complicated, and the risk of a denial for your claim is always present. You can improve your chances of success by working with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer.

Protecting Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Once you have completed your claim and started receiving benefits, it is crucial that you do everything you can to protect your payments. Keep every doctor’s appointment and follow your physician’s instructions. Stay in touch with your insurance claims administrator to ensure you are not at risk of losing your benefits.

If your claim is denied, our team can help you with the appeal process to get your benefits back on track. We can negotiate with the insurance company and your employer, allowing you to concentrate on getting better.

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Workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifeline when you are hurt on the job. However, the filing and appeals process can be confusing and difficult when you are trying to recover from your injuries. Instead of adding to your stress, turn these concerns over to the experienced Fresno worker’s compensation attorneys at Aegis Law.

We are ready to help you secure the benefits you deserve so you can get back to work. Contact us through our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation today.