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You won't be disappointed

I came to Aegis after something very unfortunate happened at my former employment. I never thought in my life that I would need this type of service, but when an employer ... thinks he can treat an employee unfairly and unlawfully, you have to do what's morally right. I was on the fence at first because I've never been in this situation, but when I initially met with Sam, he assured me he could get me more than what my former company were offering me (which couldn't even pay a month's rent). He explained to me the laws of employment and what he thought was unlawful and went on from there. I then had the pleasure of meeting up with Ali. Ali was my main contact after awhile. Even when I frustrated about the case because all I wanted was for the case to end, she assured me they were working on finding resolution that I would be content with. In the end, it took a little over a year and a half for everything to be finalized and it was definitely understandable why it took so long. Ali was sweet and professional to work with and I'm glad I went with this law firm vs. others I also visited. Very well worth it. If you were wrongfully terminated and need advice, give Aegis a call. Sam & Ali were a pleasure. You won't be disappointed. I hope to never use their service again, but I know if I ever need this type of service in the future, it's definitely Aegis!