Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How You Can Protect Yourself

Sexual Harassment

We’ve all had that co-worker. Perhaps they make “jokes” that are just a bit too personal. Maybe they don’t get the hint when you reject their dinner invitation (for the 3rd time). Or maybe they even get a little too touchy with their hugs and shoulder massages. But it’s nothing to cause a scene over, right? Continue reading “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How You Can Protect Yourself”

“Lay-off” vs. “Terminated” vs. “At-Will”

difference between laid off and fired

In day to day language, many of these terms can be used interchangeably. Normally, being “laid off” or being “terminated” or being “fired” mean the same thing. In the realm of the law, however, these terms are specifically defined to mean different things. The differences are subtle and nuanced, but different nonetheless. Continue reading ““Lay-off” vs. “Terminated” vs. “At-Will””