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What Should I Do If I Believe I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

While being let go from work may not surprise some workers, others may be left with many questions as to why this happened and whether it's legal. Sometimes, employers may try to give a "legal" reason for termination in order to protect themselves from a potential wrongful termination claim.

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, or even if you were terminated for a seemingly 

Wrongful Termination Checklist: Stay calm. Ask questions. Review your contract. Do not retaliate. Document everything. Contact a lawyer.

For nearly 20 years, our employment law attorneys have been advocating for the rights of workers across California. We help those who have been wrongfully terminated as well as assist our clients in a variety of other employment-related matters. If you need assistance filing a wrongful termination claim or to protect yourself from other forms of mistreatment at work, Aegis Law is here for you. 

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