Bizarre Rant Actually A Cry For Help

A Jet Blue captain who was tackled by passengers and restrained by crew mid-flight after raving in the aisles about terrorism, bombs, and religion is suing Jet Blue.  But the suit isn’t from injuries incurred in the fracas, as you might think, but actually for letting him fly that day at all.

The pilot claims to have had a seizure, which caused increasingly bizarre and worrisome behavior over the course of the day, and blames Jet Blue and the flight crew for not getting him to medical help sooner.  Osbon says Jet Blue should have realized there he was experiencing a problem after a number of uncharacteristic acts like missing the pre-flight meeting, being confused and slow in going over pre-flight checks, and failing to answer air traffic control calls.

Osbon even told his copilot that he was mentally unfit to fly shortly into the flight,  but neither the copilot nor Jet Blue took any action.  As Osbon continued to worsen while the plane was still in the air, the seizure lead to severe paranoia and hallucinations, but while he was confined in the cockpit, the airline and crew still did nothing.  It wasn’t until Osbon left the cockpit and ended up ranting up and down the plane aisles that Jet Blue finally decided to do something and made an emergency landing.

As a result, the suit seeks medical expenses incurred because of the significant delay in Osbon receiving medical care, but it also has an employment component, as Osbon’s now well-documented and publicized “meltdown” has likely ended his career not only with Jet Blue but as a commercial pilot in general.