“Maybe You Should Move to Mexico”—Woman Loses her Job When Racial Video Goes Viral

Tressy Capps, a candidate for the Fontana City Council representing the Tea Party, was terminated from her position as an associate for real estate mogul Coldwell Banker. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” Coldwell Banker relayed in a statement through spokesperson David Siroty, “we hold our affiliated companies to high ethical standards.” So what did Capps do that caused the uproar?

Last month, Capps was driving through a neighborhood when she saw a Mexican flag flying in a homeowner’s yard. She pulled over and knocked on the house’s door, and when the residents opened a window next to the door to speak with Capps, she began berating the couple for their lack of flag etiquette and disrespect for America.

All the while, Capps is filming the encounter. Then she posted it on YouTube. “You know we live in America, right? This is the United States,” Capps says to the female home owner, “if you want to fly the Mexican flag maybe you should go back to Mexico.” Maria Banuelos, the homeowner, points out another flag that is in the yard, the American flag.

Banuelos did not feel like she was bothering anybody by flying the Mexican flag since it had been there for 13 years with no complaint. Neighbors supported Banuelos, citing that both U.S. and Mexico’s flags flew outside and that the flags were on the Banuelos’ private property anyway. “Just leave them alone. It’s none of her business,” a neighbor, defending the Banuelos Family, said on camera.

Capps also asserts flying the flag violated city codes and thus would result in fine payments. John Brown, Ontario City Attorney, stated that this was false and that the city supports ethnic and racially diversity.

Capps claims her flag decorum sentiments are still strong. “If you fly another country’s flag, the American flag should be on top in a place of prominence and the other country below.”

You can watch the video here.