Rare Reverse Racial Discrimination Suit Prevails

largoA former English teacher in Prince George’s County, Maryland, sued the school board for reverse racism because he is Caucasian. Because claims like reverse racism or even racism are hard to prove, it’s always interesting to see such claims in a suit.

The teacher, Jon Everhart, however, had witnesses and documented actions against him that proved his termination was caused by his race. The 65 year old English teacher began working for Largo High School in 2003 and filed a discrimination law suit upon his termination in 2010.

The suit alleged that Angelique Simpson-Marcus, the principal, racially harassed Everhart. She referred to him as “poor white trash” or a “white b—.” Simpson-Marcus began as principal after Everhart had already begun teaching honors English, and when she assumed her position, Simpson-Marcus demoted Everhart to teach a freshman English course. Furthermore, Simpson-Marcus openly told students, teachers, and Everhart that “the only reason a white teacher teaches in Prince George’s County is that they can’t get a job elsewhere.”

Everhart is not the only teacher who has filed a claim against the principal. May of the teachers who were harassed claim it occurred because they supported Everhart.

A jury found that the school board was liable for discrimination against an employee on the basis of race and color. Everhart was awarded $350,000 in compensatory damages because he had experienced high blood pressure and heart problems as a result of the harassment. The judge has not yet decided how much Everhart is entitled to for any back pay and benefits.

Source: Law.com