McDonalds Turns Physical

We first blogged about McDonalds’ legal woes when the story broke back in March. You can read the background here. 

Now the civil lawsuit accusing wage theft went from a legal battle to a physical one. Hundreds of people crowded around McDonalds’ Chicago headquarters protesting wage theft, poverty wages, and high benefits to the CEO and other executives. The protest was led by the Reverend Dr. William Barber II, and the loudest demand was for a $15 minimum wage in fast food restaurants.

Coupled with McDonald’s bad press surrounding the wage theft cases filed across the country, protestors targeted the burger chain’s headquarters because it was the location for the company’s annual executive meeting, taking place in the morning of the protest.

The police intervened and arrested 138 protestors for trespassing. The group had gathered people from all walks of life. One prominent group represented were mothers who criticized McDonald’s disposal of Ronald McDonald and his replacement, real-life basketball star LeBron James.

Other protestors included former and current McDonalds employees, including Melinda Topel, a worker for McDonalds for 10 years. She was among those arrested during the protest where she was handcuffed with zip ties. “I would do it again,” Topel says.

Source: Chicago Tribune